Interesting Research Paper Ideas for Students

Are you having trouble finding interesting topics to research? Do you need the best research paper topics to achieve academic excellence? Are you wondering how to choose suitable and interesting research topics so that you could get the highest mark in the course that you struggle with?

Many students tend to believe that research papers are nothing more than lengthened essays. No, it is not just a matter of “volume”. The importance of the specific structure of research papers, the meaning of the different sections of the research paper and their importance (such as literature review, methodology, findings, discussion of findings, etc.), the importance of proper citation and referencing, etc.; all of these point to the fact that writing a research paper is quite harder and more complicated than being assigned to write an essay.

How to Find a Topic To Write Research Paper On?

Finding the most interesting research paper ideas for students is without a doubt one of the greatest challenges when tasked with writing a research paper. Not only does finding good ideas for topics for your research directly affects your overall grade, but it might also enhance or hinder your learning process. After all, the most vital factors when choosing research topic ideas is to enrich the great body of scientific knowledge, i.e. to come up with an idea that is “research-worthy”, a topic which will contribute to the world of science. That is why you need controversial topics and not just interesting topics per se. What is more, taking into consideration the workload that every student is faced with throughout their academic career, you will probably need easy research paper topics that you above everyone else find interesting, exciting and enjoyable to work on. Failing to understand the finer details of having a well-rounded and sound idea for a research paper might ultimately lead to failing a course and, even worse, missing the opportunity to learn and develop as a professional.
Here you will find more than a few topics to help you start with that research paper that you’ve been putting off for quite some time.

Interesting Ideas for Research Paper Topics


Finding the most interesting psychology research papers topics is not about digging into old textbooks and regurgitating the same ideas that the pioneers such as Freud and Jung have already been through. You need something fresh, something which has a meaning for people in these turbulent times:

  • The connection between social anxiety and social media
  • Autism – disease or development idiosyncrasy?
  • Dealing with postnatal depression
  • Sociopathy and Internet Anonymity
  • How insomnia affects people’s health?


Both high school and college students believe that history research papers topics are innately dull and monotonous. However, have you ever thought about a topic from the more recent US history? Have you considered how the industrial revolution has changed the world history? Or have you ever tried to go “more international” than the American history?

  • Historical overview on the Gulf War and the Iraq War
  • What lead to the inflation crisis in Venezuela in 2018?
  • The Sexual Revolution – what caused it and what are its effects?
  • The Aftermath of World War II
  • American foreign policy in the 21st century


Finding interesting and substantial literature research paper topics requires nothing more than looking just a bit beyond Shakespeare. After all, the greatest gems of literature lurk beyond popular reads.

  • The Beat Generation vs the Modernist Move
  • Marlowe vs Shakespeare
  • Post-modernism – a movement or incoherent assortment
  • B. Yeats as a reflection of his time
  • The Lost Generation


When it comes to the topic of sports, try coming up with sports research paper topics which are not your usual statistics or comparison and contrast between a team from back in the days and nowadays. The landscape of sports has drastically changed in the last 2 decades and there are myriad of new and relevant topics to go for, especially with the popularization of eSports gaming. What is more, you could always go for a topic of sports and other related fields.

  • The challenges of up-and-coming eSports scene
  • Statistical analysis of the success of X team now and 30 years back
  • Should men and women compete together?
  • The effects of advertisement on professional sports
  • Performance enhancing drugs – what is the difference between supplements and cheating?

Criminal Justice

Since criminal justice is relatively thoroughly researched field, especially in the western world, finding the best criminal justice research paper topics is all about tackling the challenges of the modern times, and not reiterating the same ideas from the past, such as capital punishment.

  • How should online identity theft be dealt with?
  • The spread of radical groups on the Internet
  • Dealing with the crime on the Deep Web
  • Should online trolling be dealt with as other acts of harassment?
  • How should the law deal with online predators and child abuse?


The landscape of educational theory and methodology of teaching is constantly changing. And once you factor in the fast-paced development of technology, it is easy to perceive the importance of constant and thorough research. Finding interesting and groundbreaking topics for research paper on education is becoming more and more important, since the body of research will ultimately shape our future.

  • Gamification – correlation between age and effectiveness
  • The use of Virtual Reality and AI in education
  • The importance of informal online education for the future market
  • Using social media to help the teaching and learning process
  • Social networking and schools


Following the trends and developments in any given scientific field is made a lot easier nowadays. Finding the best biology research paper topics requires only little bit of interest and research online. The most important part is to choose topics which are relevant in real-time.

  • The effects of caloric restriction (dieting) on human health
  • Telomerase and the process of aging
  • Bodybuilding and dietary supplementation
  • Energy drinks and their effect on physical/mental performance
  • Studying effects of probiotics in infection prevention


When it comes to linguistics, especially English linguistics, there are many new and up-and-coming fields which are actively developing and waiting for young and prosperous scholars to delve into them. What you need from interesting English research paper topics is for them to shift from the outdated paradigms of prescriptive grammar.

  • Sociolinguistics – the language of men vs the language of women
  • Pragmatical context and its importance in day-to-day communication
  • Psycholinguistics and syntax – how and why different people form sentences differently
  • The changes in English language effected by cross-cultural communication
  • The difference of the use of phrasal verbs between American and British English


The most interesting fact about sociology research paper topics is that the only limit is the human social behavior. This gives young academics the opportunity to go beyond popular (and rather dull) research and come up with more controversial research topics which will bring new facts about the contemporary social behavior into the limelight.

  • Identity politics in contemporary times
  • Gender pay-gap – myth or fact
  • Forth wave feminism vs the feminism of the past
  • Recreational drugs and the youth
  • The new model of celebrities – YouTubers


Nursing is an especially important profession for our society and it is vital for students to research as many different nursing research paper topics as possible. Not only will it help the development of the profession, but it will better the provided service and its quality in the future. Here are a few topics which might elicit groundbreaking results:

  • The effects of exercise for the mental health of the elderly
  • Pet therapy and its effect on the early development of children with autism
  • Rehabilitation after brain injury
  • Home care vs nursing homes
  • Cancer patients and the psychological conditions

Science and Technology

This one goes without saying – the most vital and pivotal point for any topic on technology is to research the so-called “new thing”. The world of technology is constantly changing and there are new discoveries every day. Stay informed and finding the right topic about technology for research paper will be easy.

  • Cryogenics and its effect on the future
  • Self-driving cars and their effect on humanity
  • Artificial Intelligence and its growing importance
  • Nano medicine and its effect on the human lifespan
  • The requirements of the personal devices of the future


Recent technological development has imposed new standards and challengers for the business world. The economy changes with the world and so should your business topics for research paper.

  • How to start a business without an initial investment?
  • Strategies for promoting a small business
  • Online trading vs Traditional trading
  • Crowdfunding
  • Women in business – feminism and entrepreneurship


Medicine, more than ever, needs new and groundbreaking topics to be researched in order to push the boundaries of human health and to prolong the life expectancy. Should you need interesting medical research paper topics, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Alternative medicine – placebo or a real thing
  • The use of medical marijuana
  • Biomechanics in medicine
  • Is autism a disease or a variant from the norm?
  • Genetic engineering and medicine

Environment and Sustainability

Needless to say, the fast-paced technological development in modern times, especially in the past decade, has posed a number of challenges when it comes to saving the environment and securing a sustainable future. Finding environmental research paper topics is all about connecting the dots between the way of life as we know it and the world we would like to live in in the future.

  • Managing overpopulation
  • GMO – pros and cons
  • Biofuel vehicles vs Electric vehicles
  • Home economics – sustainable heating and cooling systems to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Sustainable water management

Have you ever thought about writing on some of these topics? This list should get you started and inspire you to do a further research for many other interesting ideas for research paper topics. Should you need any further help, there is always help – our research paper writing service is always there at your disposal!

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