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Thesis and Dissertation Proposal Writing

The thesis and dissertation writing process start with a convincing proposal. Whether you’re writing a thesis proposal or a dissertation proposal, there are a number of rules for making the outcome stand out and get approval.


What is Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Writing

Before you can even think about writing your dissertation or thesis, you’ll need to create a thorough proposal.

The proposal is essentially there to provide information on the specifics of the thesis or the dissertation. It has to argue a few things. For a start, the proposal should convince reviewers that the project itself is worth doing. In addition, it should stand as evidence of your preparedness to take on the task.

Just like other academic papers, a proposal needs to follow a certain structure. Regardless of the academic field, it will need an introduction, a concise problem statement, a literature review, a methodology presentation, initial findings, limitations and implications.

Needless to say, putting these together will require time and attention to detail. Dissertation proposal writing is far from an easy task because it will necessitate some research and some writing skill, as well. The very same rules apply to the creation of a thesis proposal.

Depending on the complexity of the project, a proposal could go through multiple drafts until it gets the final approval. Advisors will usually provide some feedback that the new version will have to be based upon. This is one of the main reasons why academics and students often require assistance for the completion of the project. The more professional and thorough a proposal is, the faster the thesis or dissertation writing process can start.

Main Challenges that Students Face

When writing your dissertation or thesis proposal, you’ll probably come across an array of challenges.

For astart, thesis proposal writing is a time-consuming task. You’ll have to get started early enough and envision some edits in order to complete the process within an adequate timeframe. Attempting to be a deadline artist will reduce the quality of the proposal, which means that you’ll be forced to complete a bigger number of drafts before getting the approval of an academic advisor.

Narrowing the topic down and discovering the focus point of the thesis is also a challenge. A thesis proposal needs to be highly specific rather than vague. The more focused it is, the easier dissertation writing will be.

While a proposal should contain original ideas, it will also have to be based on academic literature. References can be used to establish the importance of the argument or the validity of the methodology that’s going to be used. Looking for the right supportive literature will necessitate research time.

A proposal needs some powerful language in order to sound convincing. Choosing the right words and the right information is far from an easy task, especially for students and academics who don’t pursue development in the field of writing (scientific areas, for example).

Finally, issues like academic vocabulary, maintaining a stylistic integrity and even punctuation will need to be taken into consideration. A mistake in any of those will take away from the seriousness of the proposal and increase the risk of facing rejection or multiple new draft requests.

Assignment Masters can Help

A lot rides on the quality of an academic proposal for the creation of a thesis or a dissertation. This is why many academics have begun recognising the benefits and importance of quality assistance. The Assignmentmasters team can provide this kind of assistance.

Our team consists of writers that have a background in a vast range of academic fields. Thus, they have both the knowledge and the writing skills required to make the proposal a stellar one. The work will be completed within the necessary timeframe and following the style/structure you have in mind.

Remember that your proposal could impact the manner in which your academic career progresses. This is why you can’t leave its creation to chance. If you’re not confident in your writing skills or you simply don’t have the time to get the job done, you should definitely consider a bit of professional assistance. We’re here to address all of your needs in the best possible manner.

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