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Privacy Policy

We transparently disclose our privacy policy with the purpose to make you aware of the type of information we collect, as well as the reason for doing that. In some specific circumstances, we might need to disclose some of the information we collect, and you have the right to know what those circumstances are. In the continuation, you will read a brief and detailed description of our privacy policy.

Brief Description of the Privacy Policy

  • We collect your online information (IP address) and personal information.
  • The information we collect is kept in the UK, where our business is located. Our company has no other locations where the information of its clients is kept.
  • We use your information for the purpose of improving our services and for marketing purposes.
  • Our company reserves the right to disclose this information to third parties under specific circumstances.
  • We enable you to opt out of certain initiatives of information gathering.
  • Our website uses cookies to gather anonymous information from the visitors. This practice is standard for most websites, and our policies are no different than the cookie policies set by websites in other sectors.
  • All web pages use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) software for encrypting information.
  • You may notify us if the information we have collected needs to be changed.
  • The services at our website have been designed for people older than 13.
  • com reserves the right to amend and change this privacy policy as necessary. All changes will be transparent and available for every customer to see.

A Deeper Look into Our Privacy Policy

Type of Information We Collect

We collect two types of information: Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non – PII).

PII includes your name, your decision to participate in any of the website’s promotions, and the date you first got in contact with us. This type of information distinguishes you from any other user of our website because it is unique to you.

Non-PII includes information about your browser and IP address. We collect this information to see the number of pages our visitors visit on our site, as well as the amount of time they spend on each page.

Use and Distribution of Your Information

We collect and use information from our users with the purpose to improve the website, as well as the services we provide. We aim to improve the overall experience of the customers. These are the parties to which we may disclose PII and Non-PII:

  1. Sponsors, whose programs you sign up for.
  2. Third-party service providers responsible for the security of your user information and payment processing.
  3. Our parent company, as well as affiliated companies for operational and marketing purposes.
  4. Merchants who sponsor our reviews and surveys.
  5. Partner companies for marketing and other types of collaboration.
  6. Other users, who you communicate with through the chat rooms on our website or through affiliated services.

Non-PII is used for analyzing the website traffic. This information enables us to improve our services and tailor our marketing campaign in accordance with your needs. We also use Non-PII to determine the most beneficial marketing activities for our customers. has the right to use this information or any Non-PII gained from other websites to conduct research about online shopping activities.

Protection of Your Information

We secure all information we collect with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) software. Our website has firewall protection and we control access through the personal administration center. We inform our customers that although we protect data according to the highest security standards and we have strict protection against malicious access, we cannot provide a guarantee for the security of the information you transmit online. In case a third party manages to steal your information, we will inform you ASAP through a message on the last email address you provided. Notification delays may occur as a result of internal or criminal investigation. Our company takes no responsibility for stolen or lost information, unless restricted by the law.

Privacy Policy FAQ

Q: What initiatives of information gathering can I opt out from?

A: You can opt out of preference-based ads, receiving emails, and allowing us to share PII with certain merchants. If you want to opt out, contact us to make a request.

Q: What information can I access?

A: You have the right to access any of the PII we have collected. You may contact our customer service team if you want to review your PII or make any changes to it. We do not allow access to Non-PII collected for traffic level report or research report. You may contact us to request complete removal of your Non-PII from our database. We may decline to act upon that request only if the action is prevented by technical restraints beyond our control.

Our Policy on Children Younger than 13

Visitors younger than 13 cannot submit Personally Identifiable Information to us. We may still collect Non-Personally Identifiable Information when they visit our website or use our services. Our website has been designed for users older than the age of 13. People younger than 18 need formal consent of a parent or guardian before submitting PII.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Our company reserves the right to make revisions to this Privacy Policy. All revisions will be made transparent at our website. Any reproductions of this policy at other websites are invalid. Our team will make every effort to inform the users of all changes to this Privacy Policy.

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