Argumentative Essay Topics in 2022

A great essay always has a great topic. You cannot do the first without the latter, which is why your choice of a topic is the most vital part of the process. Based on the topic you select, you’ll know what data to use, what arguments to make, and even how to write an argumentative essay that impresses your professor.

The better the topic, the more effect it will have on the reader. A good topic has more sides and allows you to take a fierce stand for or against it. It’s also more interesting to read and most importantly – most likely to land you a high grade.

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essays are used to make arguments with the help of research, reasoning, and your opinion. When you’re tasked to write such a paper, you are asked to pick a topic, take your position on it, and support your position through evidence. Instead of focusing solely on your feelings and thoughts, you need to focus the paper on established research or new research.

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To help you out with your choice, we’ve selected the best argumentative essay topics you can use today.

List Of Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics:

Argumentative Essay Topics on Politics

  • Is gender equality supported by the politics in the US?
  • What are the political decisions in our history that created the biggest changes?
  • Is the United States finally ready for a female president?
  • What is the best economic system: capitalism or socialism?
  • What can be done to reduce inequality of income, politically speaking?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Society

  • Does the LGTBQ community enjoy the equality they deserve?
  • Should healthcare be free as a basic human right?
  • Does social media draw people together or does it pull them apart?
  • TV censoring explicit content: yes or no?
  • Legalizing guns: should people have the right to possess guns?

Argumentative History Essay Topics

  • The expulsion of Native Americans: was it justified?
  • Did the US Civil War make our country worse or better?
  • What were the main causes of the Mexican-American War?
  • Abraham Lincoln: a hero or not?
  • America’s reluctance to join the World War I and their decision

Argumentative Essay Topics on Morality

  • Should torture be legal and in what cases?
  • Animal-tested cosmetics: yes or no?
  • Killing murderers and rapists: immoral or fair?
  • The morality behind saving people at your risk
  • Paparazzi’s violations of celebrities’ private lives

Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

  • Socializing with students out of school: yes or no?
  • Should students be getting tons of homework or not?
  • Is the information students get in school enough to prepare them for work?
  • College education: should it be free or paid?
  • Will children stop learning if we cancel compulsory homework?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Health

  • Consuming meat: can and should we live without it?
  • Working days and health: how long should the workday be ideally?
  • Human cloning: smart or stupid?
  • Should we add fast food warnings like with cigarettes?
  • A universal healthcare system in the world: yes or no?

Law Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is citizenship by birth the right choice?
  • Do judges make rulings that benefit the law only or the society?
  • Changes in the Fourteenth Amendment: what should be changed
  • Prosecuting children: should this be allowed and when?
  • The power of the House of Lords over the House of Commons: should veto exist?

Highly Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Long-term relationships: do they make people more fulfilled?
  • The impact of religion on modern society
  • Face-to-face vs. social media communication
  • Same-sex parenting and whether or not it affects the child’s mentality
  • The country that’s most likely to start a new World War
  • Using technology today: does it make us smarter or stupider?
  • The regulation of abortion: should it be legal or not?

Essay Topics for Students

Now that we explored some of the most trending topics that students are right about these days, let’s take a look at some examples of topics related to students and their education.

Topics for Elementary School Students

  • Does homework really help elementary school kids to learn?
  • Should parents limit screen time when their children are in elementary school?
  • What are schools doing to stop bullying – and what they aren’t?
  • Kids and homework over the weekend – a necessity or excessive?
  • Distance learning vs. traditional learning: what is better for elementary school students?

Topics for Middle and High School Students

  • Should teachers in high school be paid less or more than in elementary school?
  • Should kids in middle/high school get more homework?
  • Is cyberbullying a problem for high school students?
  • What’s better in middle school: an hour of reading or exercising?
  • High school generations: was it more challenging for you or your parents?

Topics for College and University Students

  • Is the workload too big for college students today?
  • Should college be free or paid?
  • Should parents force their children to go to college?
  • Is student debt a reason enough to quit the idea of college?
  • Deciding whether or not to go to university

Whatever you choose, whether it is from this list or somewhere else, you can always come to us for help and say: write my essay for me.

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